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Adult Classes

Adults begin Aikido for many reasons. Some to improve physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility. Others are looking for an activity that gives them peace of mind and helps them with their high stress levels, or looking to strike a physical-spiritual balance.

Regardless the reason it helps to come to the dojo with an open mind to learn new things and to consciously and consistently put effort into achieving them.  Plus its lots of fun!

All are welcome, come try-out a class any one Saturday morning at 10:45am, wear loose pants and long sleeve shirt. Monthly classes are unlimited with registration.


Aikido of Fort Collins Chief Instructor Altin Papa began studying the art of Aikido under Master Juba Nour in Manhattan, New York in 1996. After many years of rigorous training at Aikido of Manhattan he took on the recommendation of his teacher to apprentice with Aikido Master and one of the direct students of O'sensei, Master T.K Chiba. Altin Sensei spent well over two years as an uchideshi (live-in student) of Master Chiba in San Diego, CA studying Aikido intensively.

Altin Sensei has traveled, trained, and taught all over the world at different Aikido seminars and summer camps. In 2006 he founded Aikido of Corfu on the island of Corfu, Greece where he taught for three years. Altin Sensei loves Aikido and is very happy to instruct others on the art.

Children's Program

Aikido invites children to discover what discipline, confidence, courage, and  respect are. It invites them to be challenged and deelop mind/body coordination. The training offers them tools to work through challenges they experience or will experience in their lives. Rolling drills, self-defense techniques and conflict resolution principles encourage them to develop self-respect and compassion for themselves and others. 

Plus it is lots of fun!

Our Mission

Aikido of Fort Collins is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created with the purpose of promoting and spreading the art of Aikido to the immediate community. We aim to enrich the lives of its members by presenting and engaging them in the practice of Aikido and the teachings of O'Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba, while at the same time exposing students to the unique and complimentary cultural aspects of the Far East. Our goal is to foster a sense of individual self-reflection that positively manifests into the local community and world.
The dojo is an intense, yet playful environment where community members and visitors can learn by continuously practicing the forms of Aikido. This environment along with student commitment promotes maximum results in personal and physical development.

Permanent Building Project

Plans for a permanent building have begun!


Local, seasonal, plant-based cooking supports a healthy mind, body, and spirit. A necessary foundation for Aikido training. 


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Aikido of Fort Collins

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