The Art of Cooking

Macrobiotics is a philosophy that can help us navigate throughout our lives and its many different stages of transformation. 

As it applies to diet and nutrition, macrobiotics is the art of finding, selecting and preparing food that  appeals to all our senses and is able to sustain us in all our activities.

Basic common sense ideas that are put forth would be to:

1. Eat and drink foods that thrive within the climate in which you live in, be that tropical, temperate or cold. 

2.  Eating seasonally grown vegetables and fruits.

3.  Applying different cooking methods to food preparation depending on the season.  

As you study the wonders of macrobiotic principles and apply them to your daily life, you will get much more out of living.

Just these three basic ideas have  profound impact on our state of body mind. 

Finding balance on the mat training and finding balance on your plate creates health and vitality that carries into all aspects of life, especially Aikido training.

Aikido of Fort Collins offers optional once a month cooking lunches where dojo members get hands on experience selecting and preparing  food with our local climate and season in mind. Colorado Rocky Mountain/ Temperate